Botox Injection Procedures Preparation For Best Results

If you are going to be going through a Botox injection procedure at some point in the future there are always some things you can do and be aware of in order to have the best results possible. As with any procedure being prepared for all possible outcomes is one of the best ways to be preparing yourself, but it is always something that should be stressed as people tend to forget the small things especially if they have had several Botox injections in the past.

First, it is very important to remember that if you have sensitive skin and normally bruise quite easily that you are likely to bruise following the Botox injection. In order to really help reduce the swelling and bruising you can try applying a cold compass or ice pack after the botox injection procedure and keeping it on the area as much as possible. This will usually help to reduce the blood flow to the area and help reduce the bruising. If you have to go to work and the bruises are highly visible it may be a good idea to invest in some pancake make up.

For those who do not know, pancake make up is a very thick foundation that is layered on in essence. It is much thicker than traditional make up and is often used in theater performances and other such events. Due to the thickness of the make up it is very good at covering major bumps, bruises and other severe imperfections in the skin. Following a Botox injection may be the time to bring it out if you have problems with bruising. If however you are comfortable, explaining the bruises if asked, or if you do not bruise much at all then you may have no reasons at all to cover up.

Another concern is if you take good care of your skin, you should have less problems. Many people who report the most problems with Botox injections tend to ignore their skin care needs, except when they go to the doctor to get their next treatment. This is never a good idea and can result in your skin protesting after the injection. While your skin cannot speak vocally, it can flair up and result in a rash or other problems. For more information on botox procedures visit

Your last major concern should be having some mild over the counter pain medication on hand. Many people following a Botox injection are a bit sore for a few days. This soreness can cause some huge problems if it is not treated at all and can easily make someone very cranky. To avoid this taking a mild pain relief medication will help reduce the pain and allow you to focus your time more on taking care of your body and relaxing so your body can recover from the procedure as quickly as possible.

Remember, there is no reason to just live with the pain, a small pain medication can be a huge help.

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