How to Understand OEM and ODM

How to Understand OEM and ODM

Whenever there is a new smart device in the market, the first thing we check is its features, we hardly ever figure out who created these pieces. What does it make for us as a user?

Have you heard OEM and ODM? Probably not, we’re guessing. There are some basic manufacturing arrangements such as Original Equipment Manufacturing and Original Design Manufacturing, let’s see what is the difference between OEM vs ODM .

Original equipment manufacturing (OEM) is when you buy from a factory that is manufactured by the factory. Then this product is full of your mark and logon. The buyer and factory may also accept some changes in the product, such as color, shape and less aggregate properties, to adapt the product to the customer.

How to Understand OEM and ODM

OEM is an abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturer. In short, if your portable equipment company is an OEM, all components of the product are produced within the company.

Since OEM parts and components are built internally, they are subject to strict quality controls. They are also guaranteed to be compatible with your equipment and to work according to factory conditions. Parts and components are readily available from authorized service centers as they are all manufactured internally. Parts of an OEM are longer lasting because they are always high quality materials due to the quality controls required for standard tests and final product. One of the major advantages of OEM parts is that each part comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.

ODM is an abbreviation for Original Design Generator. An ODM company designs and manufactures a product. Like OEM parts and components, the final product is subject to stringent quality controls that remove the possibility of imperfections in products reaching the store.

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