The development of solar pv industry become more powerful, especially in China

The Development of Solar PV Industry Become More Powerful, Especially in China

Revolution of solar industry is beginning, the price of solar panels has been in decline for several years, and this may promote the vigorous development of residential solar energy industry. According to various reports and current phenomenon, the solar industry has a very good expectations.

By solar energy in the home, you can save money and become an independent force. The fact is that many governments, including the UK, USA, Australia and China governments have incentives or subsidies for those who go to the sun. Therefore, people who use solar panels to generate electricity users will receive subsidies and the panel can also send the amount of unused electricity back to the utility grid to make money. At the same time without using the transmission power from the grid in the family.

The residential solar PV system’s installation needs solar panels, which occupy some area of a roof. Usually it is best to have 20 to 50 square meters on the rooftop. Therefore, this installation is not suitable for tall buildings with many stories. Currently, the residential solar PV system aims at those families who have rooftops. The larger your rooftop is, the more solar panels will be installed, and the more electricity will be generated. At the same time, if a rooftop has too much shade which sunlight cannot reach, it is not suitable for this system.

The development of solar pv industry become more powerful, especially in China

To install a solar system is not that difficult, while some areas may need audit before you can buy such a system. If there is such an audit, you need to apply for it and get passed it. Then, you need to find a good contractor and sign a contract, and the contractor will install the system for you. After the installation, the county and the utility company will come and inspect the system. When everything is finished, the utility company will install a new electricity meter and connect your system to the grid.

Solar will be the world’s most popular power source by 2050, that the cost of solar PV technology will fall by 50 percent in the next ten years and that solar will inevitably be the energy source of the future by 2050, one researcher once said.

The people around the world have found that Chinese solar panels are the key to installing affordable domestic solar systems. So much so that well over a million of our households are powered by solar systems. A remarkable achievement. Countries like Australia and United States know well of the benefit of Chinese solar products.

The China development of the solar energy it progresses day by day. It’s not an exaggeration to say that cheap, quality China solar panels have driven the domestic demand for solar panels in many countries. The solar will be at the forefront of this technological advance, solar energy is fast becoming more affordable.

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